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My name is Rhonda G. Mincey, author, entrepreneur, award-winning mentor, and the giver of hope.  I'm committed to helping women live and leave a rich legacy.

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VP of Economic Development
Savannah Technical College

Dr. Brent Stubbs

“Rhonda mesmerizes any audience she's speaking to with her sincere passion for their encouragement and enlightenment.” 

As the founder of Great Success, LLC., and an entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of business experience, Rhonda has helped countless women level up their professional and personal lives through her private mentoring sessions, webinars, public speaking appearances, and books.


Rhonda believes that every woman should tell their story on a grand scale. So she equips and inspires women to break free from lack, isolation, and imposter syndrome.


The result?

Women gain the confidence and skills to maximize their God-given greatness, multiply their resources to thrive, and impact other women worldwide

Rhonda is not only an award-winning mentor and community servant; she's also a consummate communicator and accomplished educator. Rhonda has devoted nearly 20 years to mentoring girls and women to know their values and strive for excellence.

Learn more about Rhonda and her initiatives at

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Norma Taylor, Board Chair
Great Youth, Inc.

Rhonda has been such a motivator in my life. Her energy, positivity and drive enabled me to see that my limitations were my own. As a result, I've been able to step outside my comfort zone, speak with more confidence, and become a better leader.

Dr. Sharonda Bacon

Dr. Sharonda Bacon

I'm thankful to have a coach such as Rhonda. I felt confused, cluttered, and lost but after working with Rhonda and talking through my vision, I gained clarity, enthusiasm and am an unstoppable force. I'm ready to reach every milestone and obtain every goal that I've set.

Terese Baarsma

Terese Baarsma

Rhonda has this amazing positive energy around her that motivates and encourages each person around her. She always has uplifting and optimistic messages that makes me feel I can accomplish anything in this world.  


Jennifer Walker, LSC

“Rhonda is the real deal. She's a master messenger who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others around the world. She creatively thinks outside of the box to achieve her goals. Rhonda is an international HOPE slinger!!”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people. Let's connect.

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