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As a social enterprise, we pay it forward by giving back. 

Giving Back

To whom much is given, much is required. Read how a silent prompting paid a young woman's salary and encouraged her to stay in school. 


Esther's Story

Esther grew up with her mom and sister. Her father died while Esther was young, and her mother was sick with HIV. So Esther felt alone and hopeless.


But help was not far away. Esther joined an organization that gave her many opportunities she'd only dreamed about: touring the U.S. and singing and dancing with other kids. Yet, she still needed support.


As fate would have it, in February 2020, Rhonda was a speaker at a women's conference. She heard the story of Esther from the conference coordinator but didn't think much else about it. But Rhonda did not know she would play an active role in Esther's future.


Before Rhonda got up to speak, a quiet voice inside told her that there were enough women in the room to raise money for Esther. So, Rhonda made a bold impromptu decision - to ask the women in the audience to join her in paying for Esther's tuition. Rhonda held her credit card up and asked, "Who's with me?"

And the hands went up, one by one. And within ten minutes, Rhonda, the ladies in the audience, and other speakers gave enough money to pay Esther's salary and help her stay in school! The euphoria was palpable!


Now the future is bright for Esther. She is anticipating graduating from college, getting married, and expecting her first baby!

"Thank you for helping me attend college. It has opened up my mind and made me more mature. I will be graduating in August. Without your efforts, I would not have managed to finish my college. May God bless you so much." ~Esther, Rwanda

This is the power of women united by compassion and moved to contribute to a cause bigger than themselves. When you purchase our products or services, you directly impact women and young ladies like Esther in Rwanda and other developing countries.

Will you partner with us in purpose?

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