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Rhonda Mincey, M. Ed.

Rhonda G. Mincey, M. Ed.

Dream Beyond Borders

What does it truly mean to dream big, and how do you turn your ideas to reality? We will identify what prevents you from reaching the next level of success and significance. Learn how Rhonda confronted her fears and shifted her mindset to expand her business in ways she once thought impossible. Engage in hands-on activities to help you take your business to new heights.


Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Radio Host

As the founder of Great Success, LLC., and an entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of business experience, Rhonda has helped countless women level up their professional and personal lives through her private mentoring sessions, webinars, public speaking appearances, and books. Rhonda believes that every woman should tell their story on a grand scale. So she equips and inspires women to break free from lack, isolation, and imposter syndrome. The result? Women gain the confidence and skills to maximize their God-given greatness, multiply their resources to thrive, and impact other women worldwide. Rhonda is not only an author, award-winning mentor and community servant; she's also a consummate communicator and accomplished educator. Rhonda has devoted nearly 20 years to mentoring girls and women to know their values and strive for excellence. Her new signature program, Women Who P.O.P. ™ - Prosper on Purpose ™, helps and highlights women who are living intentionally, abundantly, and impactfully.

Learn more about Rhonda and her initiatives at rhondamincey.com


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Sharon Davis Garner

Finding B.L.I.S.S. in Your Business and Busyness

Does successfully navigating the demands of your professional and personal life leave you drained? We will explore practical ways to include B.L.I.S.S. (Balance, Love, Intentionality, Strength, and Serenity) in your day to put your stress to rest. It's time to level up to a healthy, peaceful lifestyle without compromising productivity.

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Business Analyst and Project Management Professional

Throughout her 30-year professional career, Sharon developed a diverse professional background starting out in Higher Education as a work-study student in Financial Aid, exiting as an Assistant Director of Financial Aid, and moving into her field of study as a Software Engineer in telecommunications. Sharon then moved into her current role – Business Analyst. Outside work, she plays the roles of wife, mom, and first lady at New Day Zoe Ministries. She is either having a date night experience with her husband Patrick, cheering for her daughter at a sporting event, or teaching and sharing as part of the School of Wisdom at New Day Zoe Ministries. 

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